The Latest Innovations The Make Work Boots Safe For The Most Labor-Intensive Occupations

Individuals who work in an environment that is plagued with safety hazards and demands extreme physical activity know the importance of a quality pair of shoes to not only keep them comfortable, but safe as well. Companies that manufacture boots now incorporate a variety of features that help to make a boot safe. Before a person goes out and purchases a new pair of work boots, they should be sure to consider a design that incorporates the following built in safety features.

Steel Metatarsal Plate

The bones located on the top of the foot are susceptible to damage if a heavy item is dropped on them. A steel metatarsal plate helps to prevent injury by protecting the top of the foot. Most are constructed of flexible metal, which allows the boot to hug the foot and remain comfortable while providing unparalleled safety from dropped items.

Steel Toe Covering

The most common safety feature in work boots is a steel toe. Shoe manufacturers insert a steel plate in the front of the shoe, which will prevent injury from either dropping an item or kicking an object. Quality Work Boots that have a steel toe plate will be able to protect without causing excess weight, which can make them uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear. Steel toe work boots are a must have for anyone in the construction industry.


Rubber Sole

A rubber sole will not only help to provide a cushioned feel when worn, but they will also protect from electrical shock by acting as a ground. Rubber soles also provide greater traction and are one of the most sought after features of work boots that are worn in wet conditions or for professionals that are in the electrical industry.

Welt Construction

The technique used to construct work boots is also an important consideration. While a cement bonded sole is a viable option, one of the most popular manufacturing techniques uses welt construction to ensure a tight bond and extended life expectancy. The other benefit to work boots constructed with a welt design is that they can be re-soled, which will enable a person to refurbish their shoes and extend their life span.

Choosing the perfect work boots can be complicated, but with a little research, anyone can find a pair that incorporates the latest safety innovations in a comfortable and easy to wear design. Be sure to consider the area where the boots will be worn, and choose a pair that will provide the greatest amount of protection without creating an uncomfortable experience.